Born in 2002 from the basic principal that your dungeon furniture should offer distinctive design, high quality, FUN and lifetime durability -  prominently displayed in your every-day life.

JackHammer Bed
Price: $3,295.00
Folsom Bed Folsom Bed
Price: $3,495.00
Depot Bed Depot Bed
Price: $3,195.00
Loading Dock Bed Loading Dock Bed
Price: $2,495.00

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Folsom Bed

Folsom Bed, Queen Size, Bronze Finish, Top Rail Restraints + Closed-Off Footboard Options

Dore Alley Bed

Dore Alley Bed, King Size, Black Finish, Votive Lighting Option

leather slings

5 Point Sling - Latigo Black

The Five Point Sling is made from the heaviest weight Latigo leather. Hanging straps have large welded D-ring ends to connect to your chains easily. The head cushion is supported by attachment points to provide support and extra comfort. 

The sling comes equipped with 2 foot stirrups. Sorry, chains are not included.